"This book is more than a story of a dance marathon. It is a firsthand account of a legendary era in American entertainment history. 

"The dance marathons of the 1930s were some of the most exciting and challenging times for young people searching for a ticket to stardom and trying to escape the joblessness and poverty of the Great Depression. The marathon offered the chance to earn good money, to meet new friends, and to travel to new places. The only requirements were the ability to dance, and the strength to keep your feet moving for unbelievable periods of time. The marathons could last for hundreds and even thousands of hours. Even sleeping on a partner while still moving was common, and essential." 



            "In this book, William J. Folz Jr., a.k.a. Billy Steele, encapsulates his exciting ten years of experience in the dance marathons into one 44-day dance extravaganza, the "All American Derby Show", set in Long Beach, California. Officiated by strict and enthusiastic floor judges, the tale captures all the dancing, camaraderie, entertainment, conflict, and obstacles experienced by contestants though the days and weeks of rigorous endurance."
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